Jacoby Bridge Removal Survey


Residents’ of Portland and neighboring Upper Mount Bethel

The Borough Council on Monday evening June 6, 2016 at it’s monthly meeting was informed by ERDMAN ANTHONY the firm representing PennDOT that they are recommending that the State Street Bridge that is currently closed in Portland Borough will be REMOVED in 2018. This is unacceptable to the Borough Council and many residents’ who also attended the meeting. There is a survey that was left at the Borough Hall which can be filled out to be returned by June 21, 2016. This is a survey available for download, please print it out and complete. The Council wishes that anyone completing a survey to return it to the Borough Office as we would like to prepare and send them ALL together.

The impacts of the Bridge being REMOVED permanently are great for the Borough and neighboring residents’ of UMBT along Middle Village Road and Jacoby Creek Road. One of the top concerns for the Borough are emergency response times. What if the Bridge downtown on RT611 was to close, even just for repairs… Another major concern is a water main that runs across the bridge servicing many customers in Portland and UMBT. Water service customers could see a rate increase to off set the expense to move the water main if the project comes to fruition. The traffic plan is to have a permanent detour onto Middle Village Road for traffic that misses the first turn into Portland off the toll bridge.

Now is when Portland needs to come together and let our voices be heard!

REPLACE OUR BRIDGE PennDOT! PLEASE complete a survey and return it to the Borough Hall.

Jaoby Creek Bridge Removal Survey 2016


Council Mtg June 6 with PennDot

At the monthly Borough Council Meeting Monday June 6 at 7pm the Borough will have a public meeting at which time Penn Dot will be presenting to the Borough Council and public its plans to REMOVE entirely the State Street bridge which is currently closed. REMOVE! There will be time allowed for public comment. Please if you are free and wish to hear or be heard attend the Council meeting. You do not need to remain for the entire evening just for that portion although public attendance is always encouraged. Below are the handouts that the Borough received for the meeting.