Sanitary Sewer System

The Borough of Portland welcomed public sewer to its community in 2008. It was a very large and expensive undertaking for our very small community. It is very costly to operate the waste water treatment plant so we ask our customers to please be mindful of what you place down your drain(s).

Sanitary Sewer Customers

Residential & Commercial

Please remember that ONLY human waste and flushable

water are the ONLY things that should be going down the drain.

NO antifreeze, NO paint thinner,

NO heavy duty cleaners

Cleaners and chemicals cause a disruption to the bacteria at the treatment plant and can lead to monetary fines and substantial costs to all sewer customers.

Also just because something says it is biodegradable or composts, “green”, does not mean it can go down the drain.


Here are links to Ordinances and Resolutions that apply to the rental and use of the Borough’s Sanitary Sewer System, we strive to keep the list updated but sometimes fail to update. Please contact the Borough office to verify that the list is up to date or with any questions.

2008-9 Sanitary Sewer Ordinance

2011-4 Ordinance-Sewer System Capacity Reservation and Connection for New Development 

2012-1 Ordinance Amending 2008-9 Sewer Ordinance

2012-02 Resolution for General Sewer Matters

2012-05 Resolution Requiring Reservation of Sewer System Capacity

2015-11 Resolution Amending Resolution 2012-02, Increase of Sewer Rental-User Fee




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